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You are intrinsically physically, emotionally and financially committed to the new construction or remodel of your home. Those layers of ownership mean that you will seek to do everything within your means to achieve the desired outcome when you begin a custom home or remodeling project.

However, if you try to do a new home build or home remodel on your own, those layers of ownership you have over your home can sometimes act as a hindrance as you try to process through the obstacles and challenges that inevitably face a construction project. Even in the best of circumstances, there will be those unanticipated permits, ordering problems, no-show subcontractors and budget bumps. Your timeline for completion will inevitably change, and that emotional connection you have to your home can sometimes feel overwhelming!

Renovations and home builds are famously stressful.  Just as any major life disruption can cause a couple or partners to come to a place where they recognize a need for an outside counselor – a trusted individual with training, credentials, experience and wisdom – the same principle applies in a new home build or remodel. You can’t be expected to have the commercial buying power, permit training, foresight and education that make for a timely and cost-saving home build or remodel. That’s why you hire us.

Why remodel or renovate?

According to a 2016 Houzz survey of homeowners in ten countries, “Many people reported that after completing a home remodeling project, they now spend more time at home together, eat and cook more at home, and have more company over. A large majority of people in many countries also said they feel more comfortable, happier and even more organized at home… and an overwhelming majority said the result of the project was worth going through the experience. In Spain and Sweden, 100% of respondents said it was worth it.” The article concluded, “You are reminded of the success of the project every time you go into a newly remodeled home.”

Besides making your home more comfortable and enjoyable, here are five more reasons to remodel or renovate:

  1. To raise your home’s property value.
  2. To make your home more efficient.
  3. To upgrade components of your house that make it safer.
  4. To increase your returns on an investment property.
  5. Financing is affordable!

While all of these are excellent reasons to renovate, I’m not gonna lie. Home remodeling can be stressful. I mean, who hasn’t seen (at least secondhand via television) a couple or partners digress into a full-fledged battle over room layout, faucet choice, paint color or fabric pattern? There are articles, even whole books, written about how to deal with stress during home remodeling. That’s what happens when you try to do a home remodel yourself. However, imagine how different many of these projects would look if the homeowners had taken the time to enlist the skill set of a whole team of experts to help them stay on track from start to finish!

That’s why A New Perspective Construction exists. Not only do you get the benefit of our expertise, but we get the benefit of partnering with you, and many of our clients end up becoming our close friends!

Call us today at A New Perspective Construction to find out how we can help you transform your home into a practical and stylish new space.

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