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Does your commercial project require a general contractor? If you are doing a commercial build or build-out, the answer is probably yes. Only your local city government can tell you for sure, but most projects do require the oversight of a general contractor.

What makes A New Perspective Construction the right choice for your commercial needs?

  1. Customer Care: Our seasoned team of professionals is small enough to maintain a strong personal connection to you throughout the process, yet big enough to be able to rival larger companies in expertise and experience.
  2. Value: With our no-obligation, free quote, you’ll have a clear sense of what your project will cost, with no hidden fees and no dodgy extras.
  3. Expertise: Prior to our company’s founding, A New Perspective Construction’s owner Steve Perron gained expertise in general contracting as a certified welder, stone fabricator, tile contractor and sheet metal fabricator. He even built a plating manufacturing facility. Then, in 2013, he founded A New Perspective Construction, which has since overseen projects ranging in size from small offices with a few rooms to multi-level business complexes.

We work directly with you while overseeing the entire process. We act as the communication hub of the job so that with all of the moving parts during the planning and construction process, no wires are crossed, no messages are missed, and no elements are forgotten. We take care of  hiring sub-contractors, purchasing materials, obtaining permits, building out your space, and finishing the job to your complete satisfaction. No matter what your square footage, we have the experiential knowledge to lead your project from beginning to end.

What if you had A New Perspective?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines perspective as “thinking about a situation or problem in a wise and reasonable way.” If something is “in perspective,” it is considered as part of a complete situation so that you have an accurate and fair understanding of it. For example, “With more maturity and experience, you will gradually acquire perspective.” Applying this thought to new construction or remodeling, you can now see how hiring A New Perspective is a game-changer! As you’re making the myriad decisions that arise as you are seeking to turn the dream for your place into a reality, you’ll have the leadership, integrity and experience of A New Perspective Construction.

A New Perspective Construction has been in the business of home construction and remodeling since 2013 when our founder, Steve Perron, decided to use his experience as a commercial contractor, tile contractor, certified welder, stone fabricator and sheet metal fabricator to make the natural transition into home contracting. With Steve at the helm, we have successfully expanded our business across California and Arizona because the perspective we offer our clients has been guided and shaped by years of experience. We have honed the skills of negotiating and navigating the process of remodeling and construction, and therefore you, our client, receive the benefit.

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