Bathroom Remodeling

Why Remodel Your Home’s Bathroom? 
  1. To make your bathroom more inviting. What once was the latest style and trend now makes your bathroom seem tired and old. Changing out those old fixtures and broken tiles may seem like insignificant changes, but they can reap big payback when thinking about your bathroom’s aesthetics. Your bathroom can be transformed from worn to luxurious!
  2. To increase the value and desirability of your home. Why not invest in one of the two rooms realtors say makes the most difference to buyers: the bathroom! Your return on investment could not only be financial gain from having an initial higher value ascribed to your home, but you may also attract more buyers, meaning you’re more likely to fetch a higher price for your home.
  3. To save money. When you install energy-efficient products such as new toilets, sinks and shower heads, you will reduce water cost and decrease your home’s bills. After all, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), toilet use accounts for about 30 percent of all water used indoors, and reducing that amount of water consumption alone could make a big difference! Also, as a house ages, plumbing deteriorates. Replacing those old, leaky pipes with safe, new ones really could be the difference in your bathroom’s day-to-day operational costs.
  4. To impress your friends and family. We all think it, so why not say it? J What two rooms do your guests almost always see and use when they come for a visit? That’s right, the kitchen and the bathroom. Showing your guests into a welcoming, well-built, stylish bathroom that reflects your style is – I’m not gonna lie – a pleasure.
Why Choose A New Perspective Construction for Your Bathroom Remodel? 
  • Our keen eye for detail. We are meticulous, and we use that careful attentiveness to help re-shape your bathroom from a wasted, plain space to something that’s visually interesting and beautiful.
  • We find creative ways to maximize small spaces. We are experts in design and we employ those design principles to help make a modest-sized bathroom seem bigger. For example, we may suggest ways to capitalize on shelving, maximize sink space, or add natural light to the bathroom. We might even suggest choosing softer colors or using glass shower doors to make the space seem more open.
  • We are able to take advantage of larger bathrooms to create truly unique designs. Design features such as built-in shelving, a seating area, and an extra-large walk-in shower are all options with bigger bathrooms, and we offer practical and stylish ways to best utilize your space.
  • We help you choose the most efficient and affordable high-quality products, no matter what your budget. We’ve seen, over time, which products and companies have proven to be reliable and long-lasting, and we pass that experiential knowledge on to you.
  • We minimize the amount of time you are without your bathroom. We recognize that the construction process places unique challenges on a family, and we do everything possible to ensure that we keep the construction timeline on track so that you can have your finished bathroom space shining and beautiful in our promised timeframe!

Call us today at A New Perspective Construction to find out how we can help you transform your bathroom into a practical and stylish new space.

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