Basement Remodeling

When you think about your basement, what words come to mind? For many, those words are: Dark. Damp. Musty. Cold. Scary. Dungeon-like. Unwelcoming.

What if your basement vocabulary could be turned around and changed into words like:
Warm. Cozy. Inviting. Purposeful. Useful. Efficient. Fun.

Why remodel your basement? 
  1. Inexpensive and efficient way to use the space you already own! Comparatively speaking, a basement remodel provides far more benefits at a fraction of what it would cost to build a new addition.
  2. Return on investment. Realtors and financial experts talk about the return on investment that remodeling can add to a home’s value. The return on a finished basement can be comparable or greater than that of a remodel kitchen or bath. If you live in an area where relatively few homes offer basements, your return could be even higher.
  3. Full-home protection from mildew and mold. Even if you only use your basement to store extra items, a damp environment compromises the value and usability of those items if there is any water leakage, mold or humidity in your basement. Also, did you know that most home mold begins in the basement? The cool, moist, dark environment is the perfect place for mold to grow and spread. With A New Perspective Construction’s waterproofing and dehumidifying experience, we can help create a useable basement space for you that’s free from the ravages of mildew and mold. Our products and methods of creating a moisture-controlled environment mean that you will be able to utilize your basement space in comfort, and the rest of your home will reap the benefits.
  1. Save money on energy costs. How efficient is your basement? Many basements have older, drafty windows and doors and poor insulation. A basement that leaks air not only affects the downstairs, but your whole home as your energy dollars are sucked away. We will work to seal those leaky outlets and instead create a space that helps keep the temperature of your home comfortable and efficient all year. Beyond that, we may be able to help you with rebates for energy-wise products. Win, win!
What are your basement’s possibilities? 
We at A New Perspective Construction can help you transform your basement into:
  • An entertainment area for friends and family to come and watch the game
  • An extra master bedroom and en-suite bathroom for your in-laws
  • A rental space for some extra cash flow
  • Extra bedrooms for your expanding family
  • A play room for your kiddos
  • A personal and convenient home gym
  • A game room for your teens and their friends
  • Extra office space, especially if you work from home

The possibilities are endless! Even if you’re not sure what the best use of your space would be, give us a call at  A New Perspective Construction and we’ll give you a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Basement Remodeling Questions
  • Do I need a permit to finish my basement?
  • What products are best for sound insulation?
  • How do I cover my basement’s ugly block walls?
  • How do I prevent water issues?
  • What type of lighting will I need?
  • How do I choose baseboards and trim?
  • How will I make the basement flow with the rest of my home’s décor or architecture?

These are all questions that we’re commonly asked and that we’ve helped our clients answer. We’re here to answer all your questions and get your basement finished with an efficient start-to-finish timeline and cost.

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