Our Story

A New Perspective Construction was founded in 2013 by Steve Perron and Aram Delke. With Steve’s
background as a General Contractor and Aram’s experience as a licensed Realtor, they took their love
for construction and building and formed ANPC, a one-stop shop for clients who want to turn their
dream project or home into reality! From demolition to finish materials, they help select, design, and
complete each job with integrity and honesty.

Since 2002, Steve has worked in all aspects of home and commercial remodeling, from sheet metal
fabrication and welding to tile contracting and stone fabrication! He and Aram have built A New
Perspective Construction completely on client referrals and thus have a vested interest in making each
project shine!


Why Choose Us

What sets A New Perspective Construction above the rest?
  1. We are committed to integrity. What is integrity? Integrity is the practice of being honest and
    showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and
    values. Integrity is the driving force in all that we do. Our business is primarily built on word of mouth, so we know that our reputation is staked upon our integrity. Therefore, when we say
    we’ll do something, we do. It. Check out our reviews and you’ll see that we do more than make promises. We turn our promises into reality.
  2. We stay within your budget. According to a recent survey, one of the biggest fears a homeowner has when embarking on new construction or a remodel is, “What if this project goes way over my budget?” The homeowner is afraid of all the hidden costs down the line. We’ve all seen it on an HGTV show, right? “This family’s budget is $50,000,” says the announcer, “but with all the hiccups in the process, they ended up spending $100,000. Sorry, family!” Because we at A New Perspective Construction have years of experience and a steadfast commitment to integrity, we account for everything involved in the process (permits, construction delays, design choice unavailability, etc.). We are able to implement our seasoned perspective on a project, giving you a realistic quote and helping you to stay within budget.
  3. We are with you, start to finish. Have you ever heard of a contractor committing to a project and then not showing up, or showing up for part of the project and leaving the homeowner high and dry halfway through the project? We’ve heard those horror stories, too! That’s why we want to make this promise to you: We will be with you from the bid/quote process all the way through to the finish. Our reputation is at stake, so we do all that it takes to complete your project not with just “good” results, but with an outstanding outcome!
  4. We guide you through each phase of the process; Planning, purchasing, demolition, building and finishing. Our five-phase process ensures you will receive five-star service!
  • Planning: As Abraham Lincoln famously said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” The preparation phase is crucial to the success of the project, and therefore we plan, plan, plan.
  • Purchasing: We obtain quotes for materials, sub-contractors and equipment, project a timeline, and establish the cost.
  • Demolition: Whatever needs to be torn out, broken down or ripped away is removed from the work site.
  • Building: We work from the ground up, laying foundation and flooring, ensuring plumbing and electrical are properly set, and building out to your custom needs.
  • Finishing: We don’t leave any stone unturned! Even down to the final walk-through and approval, we ensure that every aspect of the project is to the highest-quality standard and that your experience with A New Perspective Construction is satisfying.
Licensed, Bonded and Insured

What does it mean that A New Perspective Construction is licensed, bonded and insured?

A New Perspective Construction is licensed, meaning we have been checked and found reputable. As general contractors, we are officially on the state’s R.O.C. (Registrar of Contractors), which is a regulatory commission designed to promote quality construction. That simply means that we are licensed as residential and commercial contractors with the state and are in compliance with its rules and regulations.

We are also bonded. Being bonded, we are held to higher industry standards. We have also been subject to strict financial qualifications for getting a bond, and are backed by a surety bond company in the event that any unforeseen circumstances warrant their intervention.

Our staff are also fully protected with workers’ compensation insurance so that in case of injury or disability, A New Perspective Construction is liable for our workers, not you.

Not all contractors provide these credentials, but because we strive to do everything with the utmost integrity, we make sure that we not only comply with regulations, but seek to set the bar even higher. When you’re hiring a general contractor, ask for their R.O.C., find out if they’re licensed, bonded and insured, and look to those in the industry who have a proven track record. For all of that and more, hire a leader like A New Perspective Construction.

Contact A New Perspective Construction to learn more about how we can help you with your new project!